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Short-Term Consulting Service for Implementing Photogrammetry in 3D CG Production Operations

Mar 13, 2024

StockGraphy Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a short-term consulting service for businesses looking to integrate photogrammetry into their operations.

Service Overview

(Please note that this service is available only in Japanese.)
We support businesses engaged in 3D CG production for game engines like UnrealEngine, advising on how photogrammetry can be beneficially integrated into their production workflows, or determining in which cases it should not be adopted, all within a short decision-making timeframe.

We offer continuous updates and two months of advisory services for ¥62,000 (excluding tax). By providing key insights, we help companies skip the initial in-house research phase and contribute to discovering more beneficial application areas.

As an authorized dealer of RealityCapture, our support is based on information and experience from managing ongoing photogrammetry projects, so the content is tailored around RealityCapture.

This service is designed to reduce the initial research resources for businesses that have not yet adopted photogrammetry. It may not be necessary for businesses that are already utilizing photogrammetry and have a deeper understanding of it.

Service Pricing and Application Method

Price: ¥62,000 (excluding tax) How to Apply: Please apply through the following web page on [Service Application Page]

Contents Provided by This Service

1. Online Consulting Service
For two months, we offer advisory services alongside our clients through various chat tools like Slack or email, answering any questions you may have. We typically invite ourselves to the client's workspace chat tools. Online meetings are generally not available due to the high volume of requests anticipated, hence the extended period for chat-based support. The start date for the consulting service can be decided by the client.

2. Materials for Information Gathering
We plan to start providing customized materials by mid-April after service commencement, updating them based on your queries.
After the two months of consulting services, you will still have access to the latest updated materials.
The materials are provided via Google Slides, so access requires a Google account (Gmail).
# Example topics of provided information (subject to updates and requests):
Efficiently use traditional modeling methods and photogrammetry
Understanding the time and cost involved in photogrammetry projects.
Areas where photogrammetry excels.
Subjects unsuitable for photogrammetry or those that result in higher costs.
Considering a workflow where only the photography is outsourced and the subsequent software operations are kept in-house.
Evaluating a plan to master photogrammetry to a professional level and start a new business.
Differences between photogrammetry and similar emerging technologies.

*This service is not RealityCapture customer support. Depending on the demand for ongoing support for RealityCapture after this service period, we may plan to offer separate customer support services.

About RealityCapture

RealityCapture is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software solution.
Create high precision 3D models from images and/or laser scans automatically.

It is currently the fastest solution on the market, which brings effectivity to your work and allows you to focus on your targets.

[ Information of RealityCapture ]