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StockGraphy launches the project to showcase the activities of companies and research institutions related to 3D technology, such as digital twin and photogrammetry.

Nobember 15, 2022

StockGraphy Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the web project on that showcase the activities of production studios and research institutes using 3D-related technologies such as digital twin, photogrammetry, and laser scanning.

Special pages to introduce the activities of each professional team

We will open a special page on "" to introduce the activities and technologies of the professional teams in the field of 3D technologies such as digital twin, photogrammetry, and laser scanning.
At the time of the project launch, the special pages of the four companies that have contributed manuscripts to the project have already been posted.
(Japanese only)

In the future, in addition to development companies and production studios, we will widely introduce all activities related to 3D technology, such as universities, research institutes, museums, and other organizations.

Direct consultation with each team is available from each special page

If you would like to contact any of the listed teams, you can contact them directly using the contact form on each special page.

Free page creation and publicatione / Only for professional users who have installed RealityCapture in

In this project, we will create special pages for professional users who have installed RealityCapture Enterprise Edition on by receiving manuscripts and images for publication.
We will provide production services free of charge, including the development of inquiry forms specifically for each page.
If you submit your manuscript in English, we can create both Japanese and English versions of the special pages.

Background of this project

The categories of these users span a wide variety of industries and organization sizes. Large corporations that are taking progressive initiatives, production studios and start-ups with outstanding technology, museums, researchers, and university professors who are taking on the challenge of new initiatives on their own, and others who are working in completely different fields are all adopting 3D technology for the new era. This project aims to help maximize the activities of those who are enthusiastically taking up the challenge of utilizing 3D technology by making their activities more widely known to the public.

Four companies that have contributed to this project

The following are the four companies that have contributed manuscripts in advance of the launch of this project.
(All pages are in Japanese only)

UNrealize LLC.

Ganymed Inc.


Fujikyouzai Co., Ltd.

Other Projects for Case Studies is also developing an article section on "Industrial Use Cases of 3D Tech".
In this section, we will start to introduce examples of Japanese users to the world.

"Industrial Use Cases of 3D Tech"

>> Article from Japan published in November
"Archiving colored 3D models of wild organisms"
(Contribution: Yuichi Kano / Associate Professor, Kyushu University)

About RealityCapture

RealityCapture is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software solution.
Create high precision 3D models from images and/or laser scans automatically.

It is currently the fastest solution on the market, which brings effectivity to your work and allows you to focus on your targets.

[ Information of RealityCapture ]

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