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StockGraphy launches 3DCG.iO, the top global 3D Meisters’ Network that promotes industrial utilization of Online3D technology.

January 20, 2021

To help accelerate the industrial utilization of Online3D technology, StockGraphy Inc. is launching a co-creation network, “3DCG.iO”, which will be comprised of the top global artists.
For digital transformation projects in various industries, we will provide a system that combines the highest peak of "3D art expression" in addition to Online3D Engine "technology".

Co-creation system that provides the highest quality Online3D Engine for industrial utilization

When providing our Online3D Engine, it is necessary to create 3D art expressions in addition to technical development.
When providing the highest quality systems to various industries, it is necessary for different artists with top skills in each field, for example, in the automobile industry, the medical industry, etc., to take charge of art expression.
3DCG.iO is an effort to co-create the highest-quality Online3D engine with world-class artists and provide it to clients.

Expanding the areas of ​​activities and Suggesting new work style for 3D artists

At 3DCG.iO, StockGraphy has cultivated and expanded the new areas of the 3DCG industry, the digital transformation of supply chains and sales systems.
We (StockGraphy) act as [Nodes] between 3D artists and the industry, using original 3D engines and developing and introducing business plans with workflows and technology supports. By doing so, we are expanding the work areas of 3D artists as well as the potential of the 3D industry.
Direct contracts with us enables Meisters to concentrate on the production areas of their specialty and demonstrate their best skills. We can match the right artist to the right job and offer great benefits to the artists, the clients, and the users.
Also, the participating artists can work without extra restraints such as offline negotiations, etc., and can concentrate on just producing quality outputs. In fact, the artists who have participated so far have been free to move around the world even during the contract period. (prior to the global infectious disease crisis)
3DCG.iO is an initiative between only a limited number of top artists and us. However, we would like to use this as a role model in order to contribute to the spread of new and more productive work styles in the 3D industry.

Global support: Multilingual simultaneous translation function developed for Slack

At 3DCG.iO, we ask for participation of clients and developers from around the world.
Since our company is based in Japan, a non-English speaking country, we have developed an automatic translation function to add to Slack.
As a result, stress can be drastically reduced even in the development process in a multinational team, or in planning and marketing transactions between business organizations based in different countries, and projects can move on with increased speed.

automatic translation function for Slack

Scale expansion plan for the future

3DCG.iO will expand its scale with this official announcement.
Currently, StockGraphy has tied up with only a limited number of artists, but we are planning to add various services that many more 3D artists can join in the near future.
We wish to contribute to both the digital transformation of each industry and the expansion of the 3D industry.

Company name : StockGraphy Inc.
Address :12F Fuji-soft Akihabara bldg., 3 Kanda-Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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